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Ryman Filing Box Foolscap Portrait
Price: EURO-5.39
Product Code : OAH6781
Available : 16
Available as early as: March 05, 2016

This Ryman Foolscap Filing Box is an upright box, made from recycled board, for storing A4 and foolscap documents.

Covered in a durable wipe-clean finish, this landscape filing box has an angled top lid to ensure easy access to contents. It can store foolscap-size document wallets and suspension files.

A printed contents label allows easy identification, and a metal reinforced thumb ring enables easy retrieval from a shelf.
This Ryman Filing Box will fit neatly on shelves, desktops, and in foolscap drawers, and is ideal for everyday home and office filing.

. Dimensions  H360xW263xD134 mm

Foolscap is a common size for ring binders/lever arch files used to hold A4 paper as it is slightly larger than A4 (210 mm ? 297 mm) and thereby offers greater protection to the edge of the pages.

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